You may have seen in recent news, Dr. Jill Biden, the future First Lady of the United States, has been the topic of discussion for using her professional title: Doctor of Education (EdD.).

As someone who has worked hard for three college degrees and two national certifications, I completely understand why Dr. Jill Biden wants to use and display her academic credentials with her name.

If and when I ever get a doctoral degree, you best believe I will sign Dr. Gibson on any and everything! It’s a symbol of professional and academic achievement.

In Nursing, there are various degrees, licenses, and certifications one can obtain through the lifespan of their career. And because multiple options for education and professional development exist in nursing, the American Credentialing Center (ANCC), an entity under the American Nurses Association Enterprise, has created a standardized way for Nurses to obtain their academic and professional credentials.

For example, Tiffany E. Gibson, MSN-ED, RN, NPD-BC, CPN are my full professional credentials.