Tiffany Gibson is a Nurse Leader whose primary focus is to disrupt outdated academic, social,and cultural norms by pioneering emotional intelligence in nursing.

Tiffany challenges nurses to work at the top of their scope as curious, confident, and critically

thinking leaders. She accomplishes this within her work as a Nurse Educator and Coach for her business, New Nurse Academy, LLC.

In her young adult years, Tiffany developed a devotedness to learning and leading that

continues to this day. She is a graduate of Temple University (2005, Bachelor of Public Health), Drexel University (2008, Bachelor of Nursing), and Walden University (2017, Master of Nursing Education). Tiffany also has a post-graduate certificate in Healthcare Diversity

Leadership from the Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson

University and two national board certifications – one as a Nurse Professional

Development Specialist (ANCC) and another from the Pediatric Nursing Certification


With a profound commitment to driving nursing culture forward, Tiffany’s mission is to

have unconventional conversations and present opportunities for professional development

and growth to nurses and hospital administration on the importance of empathy, equity

psychological safety, and inclusivity. Tiffany is creating a movement to amplify thought leaders and change agents that will change the narrative of nursing.