I could write and write and write about what it means to be antiracist, about what we are doing at The Resume Rx to support pro-Black organizations and activists, about the ways we are encouraging each other to learn more about what it means to be actively antiracist as opposed to just not racist (as discussed in Ibram X. Kendi’s book How to be Antiracist).

But anything I could say would pale in comparison to what my friend, Tiffany Gibson, could offer. Tiffany is a nurse, a clinical nurse educator, and recently, she moved into the role of a diversity and inclusion advocate for her hospital system. She also owns a business called New Nurse Academy where she works as a success coach and mentor to up-and-coming and new nurses. Her Personal Preceptor Club is seriously incredible.

In this episode, we dive into the personal — how Tiffany’s energy has been affected by not only being a Black woman during a time of civil unrest, but also being a Black woman serving as an advocate and educator. We also talk about structural racism and tokenism within the healthcare system, how to call out racism among nurses, and how non-Black nurses can be antiracist and support Black nurses at work. Tiffany’s insight on respectful, inclusive leadership is so valuable, and I encourage you to listen with an open heart to our discussion on diversity, inclusion, and structural barriers within the world of healthcare and nursing.