The ONLY NCLEX course that will get you past your mindset blocks.

So that you can start creating the career of your dreams!

No matter how smart you are, if you’re not mentally prepared to take the biggest exam of your Nursing career, you’re going to fail.

The NCLEX is a brain twister!

It’s purposefully tricky, with tons of traps that make you second guess yourself, feel overwhelmed, nervous and afraid.


Like everything else in life, having your mind right and mentally preparing for the task at hand creates the opportunity for success.

This course combines the power of manifestation, emotional intelligence, and the decision tree for

NCLEX—proven strategy that works 100% of the time when used correctly, insuring your success.

In the course, you will learn:

⭐ The power of manifestation and mindset to overcome test taking anxiety.

⭐ How to manage your emotions so that you can focus and pass the test.

⭐ The five steps of the decision tree for NCLEX

⭐ How to put all of the preparation, strategy and mindset work together to successfully pass the Nursing licensing exam!


83% of RNs and 66% of LPNs passed the NCLEX on the 1st try between January–May 2021 (NCSBN).
You too can be apart of the winning circle with the right mindset—The NCLEX Mindset!
⭐ Module 1: Mindset & Manifestation

These are not just trendy words—
in this module, you’ll learn all the ways to help you elevate your perspective of yourself, the world, and the NCLEX.

⭐ Module 2: Emotionally Intelligent Test Taking

Emotional intelligence is NOT cognitive intelligence,

but I think it is just as important, if not MORE so in life and in test taking.

In this module, you’ll learn how to apply the rules of emotional intelligence to your NCLEX strategy/

⭐ Module 3: Self Assessment

In this module, you’ll identify your unique learning style
and learn how to check your vitals before you get down to start studying,

as well as how to prepare your study outline.

⭐ Module 4: NCLEX Study Strategy

It’s time to learn how to study for the NCLEX.
In this module, you’ll learn exactly HOW to study for the test.

⭐ Module 5: NCLEX Overview & Guidelines

In this module, we’re going to break down the test and its different areas, including

Rules of Management, Safety, and Strategy.

⭐ Module 6: Decision tree for NCLEX

In the final module, I’ll walk you through my secret weapon for passing the NCLEX with flying colors!

Plus, BONUS Content!

⭐⭐⭐ BONUS Medication Study Guide

⭐⭐⭐ BONUS Note Taking Strategy