Tiffany E. Gibson


Bronx born, New York raised, first generation American – Jamaican, I am the sum of my experiences.
My love for books and reading at an early age propelled me into my love for education and sharing information. As a self-proclaimed perpetual student, I’ve always sat front row in all my classes wanting to learn new things and be a curious learner.
Graduating from Temple University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Public Health, I obtained my Bachelor’s in Nursing from Drexel University in 2008, and graduated from Walden University with a Master’s degree in Nursing Education in 2017. In 2019, I completed a post-masters certificate in Healthcare Diversity Leadership from Thomas Jefferson University – Institute of Emerging Health Professions, while maintaining my national board-certification in Pediatric Nursing, and Nursing Professional Development Speciality.
When I left the bedside in 2016 , I made the intentional decision to activate my professional growth by becoming a full-time Clinical Nurse Educator and part time Adjunct Faculty. I also expanded my expertise and education by obtaining a post-master’s certification in Healthcare Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and concentrating in equity and inclusion in nursing professional development and education. This sparked the idea to create New Nurse Academy, LLC. – an online coaching mentoring and learning community for nursing along the career continuum.
Through the lens of emotional intelligence, I create space for nurses to grow, expand and show up as their authentic self practicing with integrity, personal agency and psychology safety. My life’s work is to show nurses there a fulfilling career is waiting for them beyond obtaining additional degrees and focusing on clinical skills. The mission – to create conversation and community for the Emotional Intelligent Nurse. This will change the culture of nursing.


Get to know me



Favorite food of all time – Jamaican oxtail, rice and peas and a side of cabbage. With an ice cold glass of Jamaican carrot juice mixed with a hint of rum. 



I’d probably still be an educator in some capacity. I have a degree in Public Health and love public speaking. So teaching about something to help the community make better choices is my life’s work



Bob Marley, hands down. His music never gets old to me. It’s inspirational, beautiful and uplifting



My willingness to be a perpetual learner. To not be stagnant in my knowledge and comfort. This desire for new information helps me be a better person, which makes me a better mother, partner, sister, daughter, friend, coach and nurse

Case Study

From Ashley James

What have you incorporated in your life and career after working with Tiff? Emotional intelligence has become a part of my career and life. It has allowed me to resonate better with others in my career, especially family members of sick patients; also to help new nurses and nurse mentees with adapting to the new learning curve. EI in my opinion is an essential part in how we interact with others on a daily basis. People indeed respond/react more positively when they are seen/heard

What has been your biggest takeaway from working with New Nurse Academy and Tiffany? That I can be a leader in any aspect of my career and life without an official title. Not only does my education matter, but so does my experiences and genetic makeup in how I show up and how I choose to lead. Being a leader doesn’t always mean management, but it can be in a lesser-recognized role as well.

If you participated in a coaching group, can you tell us about the group experience? I participated in the Nurse Leader Accelerator. Although it was a small group, I appreciated that we could speak openly about our experiences and Tiff allowed us to be transparent and vulnerable during our sessions. She also gave sound advice and strategies tailored to our specific situations. Something that you would not necessarily have in a larger group.

Tiffany you’re doing amazing things! NLA allowed me to appreciate my work as a nurse mentor and preceptor. In my recent pursuits, I realized that I was driven to leadership but in the nontraditional sense. Your program allowed me to see that I do not necessarily need the title to conduct the work. I can still show up in different spaces and influence my nurse trainees/mentees. I can also lead in my own way based on my genetic profile which serves me a lot. It allowed me to see that I don’t need to embody characteristics which are traditionally “praised”; I can allow my personality/teaching style/communication style to lead in a way that’s comfortable for me. I appreciate how you showed up and broke things down in a clear way; it allowed me to implement the lessons into my practice easily. I now feel more confident showing up in my work on a daily basis.