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Tiffany Gibson, 39, is training nurses on how to care for both patients and themselves.


New Nursing Academy started out as a side hustle back in 2017 when Tiffany Gibson, a nurse who focused on pediatric care, saw the need to better educate nurses on components that aren’t typically taught in nursing schools.
After receiving her master’s degree in education in nursing from Walden University, Gibson said she realized that she could have a bigger impact on the quality of care for patients if she could better educate nurses on how to care for the patients through healthcare diversity, equity, and inclusion, and most importantly, emotional intelligence, which Gibson describes as “managing your own emotions so you can help other people manage theirs.”
In 2018, the side hustle officially became a business entity, and Gibson currently oversees and runs mentorship programs, coaching groups, workshops, and seminars — all geared toward training nurses on how to both care for their patients as well as care for themselves.
“My focus switched from taking care of little kids to taking care of the nurses,” she said.
Gibson said she next plans to bid for government contracts to be able to teach her New Nursing Academy curriculum at hospitals and federal clinics. She also intends to put together an emotional-intelligence reference book for nurses based on her programs that can be licensed to nursing schools and hospitals.
“While I’m small and started out as very much grassroots, it’s important that big organizations realize that they don’t have all the answers,” she said. “It’s the people that are at the grassroots level that have a solution that we’ve never thought of before.”
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