Let's Level UP Together! Check out the programs below that were made by Tiff specifically for YOU!

You’re Experienced and…


You’re the future of Leadership in Nursing,
and that’s no joke.

Whether you’ve been at the bedside for 2, 10, or even 20 years, there’s always room for growth in personal and professional development. If you’re looking for the next step in your Nursing career and your life, I invite you to explore the offerings below that use my tried and true Emotional Intelligent framework.

A New Nurse Academy Signature Community

The Emotional Intelligent
Nurse Group

This coaching community is for you if you’re ready to experience strategy for personal and professional growth alongside women who will offer support and encouragement on your journey.

Leveling Up 101
The only prerequisite you need to be in this group is a willingness to enhance and maintain independent thinking and emotional intelligence.

A Professional Development Course

Nurse Leader Accelerator

This is how we change the culture of Nursing—elevating our self awareness to take our leadership skills to the next level.

Offered once per calendar year!
You’re ready to step up into a leadership role, but you’re not sure how! This is the course for you if you’re serious about developing leadership skills. Includes CE credits upon successful completion.