The Emotional Intelligent Nurse Group – a coaching collective for future and experienced clinical Nurse leaders ready to change the culture of nursing.

Being An Emotional Intelligent Nurse Is…

The art of managing yourself so you can manage others.
It’s the ability to:

Have deep self-awareness and understanding of your thoughts, feelings and how they influence your behavior. 

Manage those thoughts and feelings to protect your peace and enforce your boundaries.

Knowing how to be the calm in the midst of panic

Understanding the key to being a successful adult

This is for…

  • Future and current Clinical Nurse Leaders (Managers, Preceptors, Educators, Instructors, Charge Nurses, etc), ready to grow in mindset, critical thinking, leadership through the lens of emotional intelligence  

  • The Nurse who wants to integrate Human Design and Gene Keys into their personal and professional development  

  • The Nurse ready to change their current work culture to change what supportive leadership looks like in Nursing

Your membership Includes:

  • Emotional intelligent strategies to increase your clinical leadership role
  • Bi-monthly live group coaching calls
  • Access to monthly continuing ed education series and 1.0 contact hours
  • Recommended readings & book discussion
  • Connection with other like-minded professional nurse troublemakers
  • Integration of clinical leadership using Human Design and gene keys
  • Identifying your leadership style, and how to use it to serve efficiently and effectively
  • Q&A with Tiffany via private platform
  • Access to all continuing education library

2022 Topic & Themes

  • January – Leadership Style
  • February – Being a Problem Solver
  • March – What is a Change Agent in Nursing
  • April – Cycles of Change
  • May – Creativity = Innovation
  • June – Leadership in Education
  • July – Collaboration & Partnerships
  • August – Using Stats as Facts
  • September – Professional Troublemaking
  • October – Feedback & Communication
  • November – Leadership in Crisis
  • December – Year End Review