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“Replay available for 6 months after purchase”

New Nurse Academy is on a mission to pioneer emotional intelligence in the world of nursing.

We do this by providing high-quality evidence-based and unconventional education sessions that provoke a new way thinking and insight on how to do nursing differently.

In this continuing education series, you will learn, grow and apply tactics and strategies to leverage your emotional intelligence as a Nurse.​

Because before you develop skills, you have to develop mindset

​1.0 contact hours provided upon completion of all webinars and evaluation.

Has Your Nursing Career Become All Hustle And No Heart?

Call me strange, but shouldn’t continuing your nursing education actually propel your career forward?

The CE Webinar Series is designed for passionate nurses that are serious about advancing in their careers, because you and I both know that ascending to leadership is about more than just your clinical education.

The problem with a run-of-the-mill CE course for nurses is that they’re ALL clinical — the skill of nursing (hard skills), NOT the nurse

You’ve been busting your butt. In your facility you’re everyone’s “favorite” nurse when:

✅The  charge nurse is out sick

✅The new grad orientation leader is on vacation

✅The preceptor for the day just called out


Your hustle and heart is in it! You love being a nurse, but there is one exception…

Your career growth is as flat as your cousin’s last solo performance at last week’s Sunday Service, whew chile!

When it is time for advancements , leadership positions or the much needed pay raise, you and your years of experience are often overlooked and marginalized.

During your last review:

✅ Your passion was described as “too much”
✅ Your honesty was categorized as “too blunt”
✅ And your drive to make a change was written off as “threatening”

And the icing on the cake–“You’re aggressive”

Wait…Before you go all Tupac and start screaming “Thug Life” at your boss and the administration, Let me help you navigate these murky waters.

Try something different...Instead of checking the box and registering for another boring CE class that doesn’t support your career advancement, register for the New Nurse Academy CE Webinar Bundle.

“Replay available for 6 months after purchase”

The CE Webinar Bundle is an accredited online learning forum that provides 1.0 Contact Hours for nurses who:

  • Want to grow in this profession without bowing down to unethical leadership 
  • Are interested in learning more about emotional intelligence and its role in the nursing profession
  • Are committed to being a perpetual student and life-long learner
  • Are looking for an alternative to the usual CE classes that don’t really help your career

The focus of this series is on YOU as a nurse and how you can use emotional intelligence to:

💡 Understand how your emotions affect your career

💡 Advocate for yourself and your patients in way that your voice is heard and respected

💡 Communicate with your colleagues and patients in a way that is productive

💡 Respond to difficult situations in a way that is authentic and Solution-focused

I bet you’re asking yourself –Why did I decide to lead this charge?

About Me

Bronx born, New York raised, first-generation American -Jamaican I am the sum of my experiences. I’m that girl that loved books, sat front row in ALL my classes. I graduated from Temple University in 2005 with a Bachelors in Public Health. In 2017, I earned my Masters from Walden University in Nursing Education.

In 2016, I made an intentional decision to leave bedside and activate my professional growth by becoming a full-time Clinical Nurse Educator.  I expanded my education by earning a Post-Masters Certification in Healthcare Diversity, and Inclusion.

I have dedicated my career to creating educational opportunities FOR nurses, BY nurses because I know firsthand how difficult it is to find quality CE classes (and a community) that focus on more than just the skill of nursing.

“Replay available for 6 months after purchase”

What Is Emotional Intelligence & Why Is It Important In Nursing?

Before you can heal the community; you have to deal with yourself. Emotional Intelligence is The Art of Managing Yourself so you can manage others. It is the #1 soft skill needed to advance your career.

Through the CE Webinar bundle you will be introduced to a new way of nursing while obtaining 1.0 contact hour.


With The CE Webinar Bundle You Will Receive

– High-Quality Evidence-Based Training
-​1.0 contact hours provided upon completion of all webinars and evaluation
-Training that is rooted in Emotional Intelligence and its application to the field of nursing.

The CE Webinar Bundle is for: Anyone student, novice and experienced Nurse ready to expand their mindset

So, if you’re interested in learning more about emotional intelligence and its role in the nursing profession, register for the CE Webinar Series today!

“Replay available for 6 months after purchase”


“This was very informative! I am not as self aware as I thought I was. Theater article on self awareness was spot on. Thank you! Looking forward to the next webinar.” – Fatima Abiola

“This was wonderful!” – Rachel Wichern


Here’s the deal, if you promise to show up I promise to deliver. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the CE Webinar Series, send me an email within 3 days of your purchase and I will refund your investment in full.

Tiffany Gibson
Nurse Educator & Emotional Intelligence Expert

We’re on a mission to pioneer emotional intelligence in the world of nursing… Take The First Step Towards A More Emotionally Intelligent You!

Six months from now, you could still be struggling in your career, trying to figure out why your voice isn’t being heard, why you keep getting passed over for advancements, and why you feel so drained each day.

Or you could be well on your way to becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Nurse through the CE Webinar Bundle.

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The New Nurse Academy is proud to offer our free Professional Reflections Journal for Nurses. This journal is designed to help nurses document their professional growth and development over time, and includes reflective prompts and questions to help nurses examine their career paths, clinical skills, and emotional intelligence.

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