Tiffany E. Gibson

Tiffany is an unconventional nurse educator, ready to have courageous conversations on how to change the culture of nursing. Ready to spark insight, ignite change and fuel an emotional intelligent and equitable culture? 

Next Steps Consulting

I help Nurses get unstuck with their next steps and create strategic roadmaps that provide action steps that align with career advancement and professional growth.

This is for you if you’re unsure of what to do to unlock a new level in Nursing.

Do you want to be a coach or consultant?
On a journey to leadership and need to create a proposal?
Working on a quality improvement project and need help with putting it all together?

Let’s talk and get you on track to confidently grow as a Nurse

Clinical to Consulting

Ready to leverage your clinical expertise into reputable consulting?

Book this session to strategically convert your clinical knowledge into an income generating offer.

Together we will:

  • Assess your clinical expertise
  • Identify your target audience & soulmate client
  • Create a signature offer that’s aligned with your Human Design & core desires
  • Map out ways to position yourself as a thought leader & specialist
  • Set business checklist and SMART goals for launch in 90 days
  • Strategize business platforms, use of virtual assistants and backend offers to automate business processes
  • Formulate proposals and pitches for marketing and promotion purposes.