Change of Shift

Change of Shift

an inclusive space for nursing education, coaching, support, personal and professional development for all nurses. Where the culture is understood and doesn’t have to be explained, imposter syndrome is eradicated and authenticity is celebrated. 

You may have been struggling with the feeling alone and lost in Nursing….. until now

The Community

What’s Inside

  • Continuing Education
  • Professional development
  • Book Club
  • Bi-monthly coaching calls
  • Continuous & Genuine Support


  • Precepting
  • Clinical
  • Nurse Educators/Instructors
  • Orientation/New Hires
  • Job interview
  • Test taking strategies/NCLEX
  • Clinical leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Design/Gene Keys
  • Nursing In the News

Who’s Invited

Student Nurses

There’s no time like the present to surround yourself with engaged nurses. Use this community to network, ask questions and learn the behind the scenes of nursing.

New Graduates

This community is a great way for you to extend orientation beyond the bedside. Learn how to develop the foundation for critical thinking, and have all your questions, insecurities and concerns answered

Experienced Nurses

We need you! We need your leadership at the bedside. We need your solutions, advice, your voice and empathy. Use this community to connect with those coming behind you and plan for your future as an emerging leader.

Nursing Management

You are In a position of authority – your role and title can make things happen.
You’re needed In this community to bring your expertise to the conversation. To a listening ear to the community and share best practices to and from your organization.

When Things Shift Inside You, Thing Shift Around You