I’ve been featured in a blog by Berxi as a nurse expert for “Personal & Professional Development Advice from Nurses”. I’m honored to share and contribute as we continue to advance nursing with knowledge, excellence and compassion. Here is the article:


With impacts from the nursing shortage, rising instances of chronic illnesses, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, nurses deserve extra support. And as a perfect example of “nurses really do everything,” it turns out some of the best people advising nurses – are also nurses. From managing finances, taking care of mental health, to career coaching, here are some of the most interesting, engaging, and helpful nurses helping other nurses.

Nurse Financial Advisors

1. Angel Mathis, MN, MPH, ARNP, RN, FNP-BC

Angel Mathis started nursing in 2002 and has been a nurse practitioner since 2008. After racking up over $200,000 of debt, she was able to pay it all off and buy a home with ample savings. She has now transformed into a financial expert and coach, starting Nurses Investing for Wealth. Mathis helps nurses with their finances — after learning things the hard way herself. She helps nurses deal with paying off debt, increasing their savings, and saving for big purchases like a home. She’s eager to share her knowledge with the world of nursing and help more nurses reach financial security like she did. She serves nurses through master classes and challenges that you can check out and her Instagram, where she shares tips regularly on gaining financial freedom as a nurse. You can sign up for a free webinar with a Q+A afterwards, as well as download her free app.

2. Allie Grotteland, RN

After paying off $36,000 in debt in one year and saving $10,000 in six months, Grotteland knew she had a knack for personal finance. But as an RN, she also knew she wanted to help other healthcare professionals. Thus, The Debt Free Nurse was created. Offering three courses ranging from under $100 to over $1,000, Grotteland can help guide you to “financial freedom.” And if paying for a plan isn’t right for you, check out her blog. Here you can get a feel for her advice, and see whether her free strategies can get you on the right path.

Nurses Providing Mental Health Expertise for Nurses

3. Heather Brittain, RN, MSN-PHN

Heather Brittain is a registered nurse, an IAWP certified master holistic wellness coach and virtual coach (HWC), and an HCA registered health coach (RHC). She specializes in helping nurses overcome stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, fear – based thinking, and negative self – perceptions. Brittain works one-on-one with you to overcome these blocks through scientifically proven coaching, journaling, motivational interviewing, and more. She also can work with groups in the form of workshops and business place guided meditation. Her coaching can focus on holistic health and wellness or more on empowerment and life coaching, depending on what you need as a nurse. She regularly offers master classes on wellness topics such as breathwork, yoga, meditation, journaling sessions, and more. You can also check out her Instagram, where she shares daily helpful tips about living your best and happiest life as a nurse.

4. Sarah Warren, RN

Sarah Warren is a social media influencer and co-founder of Don’t Clock Out, a research – based peer support network for bedside nurses and certified nurses assistants (CNA). Don’t Clock Out advocates for those living with mental illness and those considering suicide. Nurses and CNAs can call the dedicated support hotline to receive support and share their feelings and experiences with trained volunteers. Warren uses her Instagram and TikTok to advocate for nurses and their mental health. She also covers a wide variety of topics that relate to the nursing profession.

5. Tara Ryan Kosmas, MSN, RN, CHSE, SOA

Tara Ryan Kosmas is the founder of Debriefing the Frontlines, a nurse – and veteran – founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to deliver psychological first aid and emotional wellness programs to nurses across all specialties. These initiatives, which are coined debriefings, give nurses opportunities for self – expression as a path to healing. All debriefings are made possible through the donors. The first session is complementary, and each subsequent session is priced at $25–$50. Kosmas’ instagram also offers tips that nurses can use to practice self – care and take time for their mental health.

6. Irnise F. Williams, JD, RN

Irnise F. Williams is an attorney and nurse who helps nurses navigate the precarious and often confusing legal world and healthcare laws. She’s been a nurse for 13 years and an attorney for 7 years. She now specializes in helping individual nurses, businesses, and organizations bridge the gap between healthcare and law. Williams also specializes in helping nurses protect their licenses and mitigating risks like malpractice and other lawsuits. She offers general consultations starting at $350 and comprehensive business audits for $750. For education, Williams offers courses regarding legal issues and a free ebook, From Struggle to Stride. The book details her journey of creating her business while simultaneously working as a travel nurse during the pandemic. These are just a few of the endless resources on her website. To keep up with Williams on a more regular basis, follow her on Instagram where she provides tips for nurses trying to make sense of the legal problems they may be facing, as well as motivational messages.

7. Joe Flores, JD, APRN, FNP-BC, CCRN

Joe Flores is an attorney and practicing nurse practitioner who defends nurses and other healthcare professionals. Flores has been a nurse for over 20 years and an attorney since 2001. He is one of the few federal and state trial attorneys in the United States representing nurses and whistleblowers. Although Flores has been practicing law since 2001, he made a big splash in 2020 when nurses started reaching out to him due to the working conditions related to COVID-19. He handles everything from wrongful termination to diversion, nurses getting in civil and criminal trouble, and employment law. Anywhere medicine and the law overlap is his expertise. Flores’s consulting services are also offered for nurses who are looking to start their own businesses. For those looking for jobs outside of nursing, Flores offers a $750 course book to get started down a new path of legal nurse consulting.

Personal & Professional Development Advice from Nurses

8. Tiffany Gibson, MSN, MSN-ED, NPD-BC, CPN

Tiffany Gibson has been a nurse since 2008 and nurse educator since 2016, obtaining her MSN-ED in 2017. She founded the New Nurse Academy in 2017, officially launched the business in 2018, and serves as an educator to nurses worldwide. Gibson provides mentoring, coaching, education, and consulting to individual nurses and healthcare organizations. She is also heavily involved in diversity and equity work, with the mission “to create coaching and community for the Emotional Intelligent Nurse with a new mindset, new methodologies and new conversations that will change the culture of nursing.” Gibbons heads multiple groups and courses for nurses, including an NCLEX prep course (for $197), a Nurse Leader Accelerator group, and the Emotional Intelligent Nurse group. She also runs the Personal Preceptor group, which includes mentoring and group coaching for new nurses. Her Instagram is also full of helpful tips for nurses trying to grow and who are new to their practice.

Nurses Providing Education & Mentorship

9. Liz Rohr, NP, FNP-C

Liz Rohr is a nurse and nurse practitioner specializing in family medicine and nurse education and mentorship. She’s been a nurse for over a decade and a nurse practitioner for almost seven years, concentrating on primary care and community health. With her passion for education, she started her educational business, Real World NP, which serves as an educational platform for nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students. She offers courses on diabetes medication management, which does have a waitlist. She also offers courses for lab interpretation, chronic disease management, and individual or group mentorship. You can connect with Rohr on a variety of channels. Her Instagram and YouTube channels are updated with pearls of practice you can check out daily, and she also offers a podcast called “Real World NP Podcast,” which is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Stitcher.

10. Samantha Cepeda, LPN

Take a pot and stir in creativity, art, and nursing education, and you get Nurse Sam. Cepeda created the Nursing School Study Bar that makes studying fun with creative digital study guides and interactive learning sessions for nurses and nursing students. Her tagline, be entertained so that you retain, has helped hundreds of nursing students pass entrance and exit exams. Through unique gamification, like NCLEX Jeopardy, Cepeda has helped students pass the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. She offers an app that can allow you a mobile optimized experience, available on the app store and Google Play.

Nursing Career & Entrepreneurship Guidance

11. Amanda Guirnerrie, MSN, NP-C

Amanda Guirnerrie has been a nurse and nurse practitioner since 2011, working primarily in the emergency room and as a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE). She started writing for nursing organizations, which transformed into a resume and career prep business. At TheResumeRX, Guirnerrie offers education and mentoring regarding the job search (often focused on NPs), from writing your resume to the interview itself. She also helps with job offer contract negotiations through courses, mentorship, and membership. Her Instagram and “Nurse Becoming” podcast are full of tips on getting the job of your dreams, whether it’s working as a nurse or starting a business!

12. Portia Wofford, BHA, LPN

Portia Wofford is a nurse turned content marketer who works with nursing and health brands on creating inclusive content and social media campaigns. After working as a nurse for over ten years — and developing content and curriculum for her employers — Portia began freelance writing and eventually transitioned into a full – time freelance writer. Now she helps other nurses start freelance writing businesses or side gigs through her courses, VIP Days, and Facebook’s Nurses Who Write group. Wofford is also the co-founder of the Healthcare Influencer Network, which matches health professionals with brands to create social media campaigns that promote health equity and access to care. Her Instagram page is full of freelance writing tips for nurses and education for brands on how to create inclusive content.

13. Margarita David, DNP, RN

Margarita David is an award – winning doctoral coach, registered nurse, and influencer. She uses entertaining videos on YouTube and TikTok to educate nurses on everything from medication and heart sounds to clinical procedures such as assessments and bladder irrigation. Through her Dr. Registered Nurse Academy, David consults with nurses helping them outline a career path with specific steps and actions. She also coaches doctoral candidates on how to successfully continue their educational journeys. David also has an Amazon #1 Bestseller to her name, titled “Radical Women,” as well as blog posts on her website, and multiple interviews and articles that she has been a part of over the years.

Travel Nursing Educator

14. Sarah Gaines, RN

Sarah Gaines has been a travel nurse since 2015 and now specializes in helping new travel nurses reach their full potential. Through mentorship and online education, she helps nurses find, negotiate, accept, and succeed in the high – demand world of travel nursing. She offers this help through her course, the Six-Figure Travel Nurse, with a minimum investment of $2,997 from the participants. For more inspiration for growth, Gaines also shares advice on her Instagram and blog!

Final Thoughts

Nurses support each other not only in the healthcare setting but also in all areas of life. Nursing itself stretches far and wide to various opportunities like entrepreneurship, growth, and HELP when you need it — from someone who understands what you’ve gone through and what your life is like right now. Just another way nurses are pretty incredible!