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Known as the most crucial soft skill to have, “Emotional Intelligence” is a form of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own feelings and emotions to use guide one’s thinking and action when interacting with people.

Through unconventional education and development, New Nurse Academy creates a new mindset for Nurses that will change the current culture of nursing by training Nurses at all levels to practice with integrity, personal agency, and psychological safety.

Emotional intelligence is essential in Nursing and for Nurses.
It’s the foundation of confidence, competence, and critical thinking. Emotionally intelligent Nurses have more self-awareness and a greater understanding of their strengths and areas of improvement,. And while not all conflict and crisis can be avoided, when it happens an emotionally intelligent Nurse can use their strong conflict management skills to deescalate situations effectively.

Most importantly, emotionally intelligent nurses understand how to live authentically, and find harmony in life instead of chasing work/life balance.

All of these factors and more make for a more prepared, assertive and future leader in Nursing.

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"I love that this space is a beautiful space where I can be vulnerable and not judged"

Just wanted to come on and say how much I appreciated and enjoyed the content you provided for us… As you know I had started my new role as a Clinical Educator at my hospital. Coming from a bedside leadership role, I had doubts about my abilities in this role since I had barely begun my graduate degree. This absolutely helped me in preparing my mindset on what this role is and “should” be about. A little over a month in and I have received great praise from my director and education team members, on my initiative and performance. I keep hearing “you came and hit the ground running.” I often say to myself WWTD, what would tiff do. LOL. So thank you for all that you do, because you could’ve kept all this game to yourself, but you didn’t. I will continue to follow you and hope that new nurse academy continues to grow, so I can turn in my application and resume in the future (shameless plug). lol Thanks, Tiff ? Taylor G.

—Angelisa, RN Student, New York

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